Coregeek aka E. Jones

Award winning fabricator of replica props, co-host of Craft and Geek podcast, how-to content creator and cosplayer.
Along with creating props and costumes I talk about my maker experience on Craft and Geek  with my co-host Jackie Craft Cosplay. I also share how-to maker videos on YouTube and live-stream my creative building on Twitch. I work with various materials including wood, thermoplastic, resin, clay and foam. I specialize mostly in handmade, scratch built props.

My background is in graphic design and I've been a woodworker since I was in my teens. I'm a proud Dad of two incredibly fun teenage daughters Katelyn Jones Cosplay and Emmy Jonesy. Cosplay is a family activity at our house. My family has been into cosplay for the past six years. It originally started with just my daughters until 2014 when my wife and I also donned costumes for the first time. 

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Krista, Eric, Emmy, Katelyn and Grandpa Dave and ECCC 2015. Photo by: B and B Phtotgraphy